Something to do for Xmas

Christmas is a time of rejoicing where we are all in family. Why not take this time with your parents, grandparents and kids to take a tour of your photo albums and complete them with your memories?

As we work to classify and describe the documents of the archives we receive, we can see what memory is gaining interest and what is lost in oblivion with the years. Our most interesting and evocative backgrounds are constituted of photo albums where each photo is described. We can know and understand how people lived or thought at a given time.

If we can make these observations today, it is because the information has been preserved on a physical medium (paper, photo, etc.). In our day, we take more photos and write more letters than ever before, but this content is essentially « virtual ». Imagine in thirty years, the history society of Magog will receive smart phones as archives.
Who knows, maybe one day, all these testimonials about you and your family will allow a researcher to understand how the Quebecois of 2018 lived?

Martin Dubé Magog Historical Society